Wyoming Gun Laws

Constitution of the State of Wyoming:


§ 24. Right to bear arms

The right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and of the state shall not be denied.

Wyoming Statutes:

Wyoming is a pro-gun rights state and has few laws limiting or restricting the ownership, use or transfer of firearms.  Keep in mind, however, that federal laws supersede state law.  Thus, every U.S. citizen is subject to all of the federal laws in addition to whatever state laws may apply. 

The NRA provides a good quick-look summary of Wyoming gun laws here, and here is a more detailed summary of Wyoming’s concealed/open carry laws and restrictions. Below is a select list of Wyoming firearm statutes, including Wyoming’s new (2017) “Castle Doctrine” at §6-2-602:

§ 6-2-504. Reckless endangering; penalty

§ 6-2-602. Use of force in self defense; no duty to retreat

§ 6-5-209. Taking deadly weapons into jails, penal institutions, mental hospitals or courtrooms; penalties

§ 6-8-101. Use of firearm while committing felony; subsequent convictions; penalties; applicability of   provisions

§ 6-8-102. Use or possession of firearm by person convicted of certain felony offenses; penalties; exception

§ 6-8-103. Possession, manufacture or disposition of deadly weapon with unlawful intent; penalties

§ 6-8-104. Wearing or carrying concealed weapons; penalties; exceptions; permits

§ 6-8-401. Firearm, weapon and ammunition regulation and prohibition by state

§ 6-8-402. Short title; applicability

§ 6-8-403. Definitions

§ 6-8-404. Regulation by state of firearms, firearms accessories, ammunition and antique firearms manufactured in Wyoming; exceptions

§ 6-8-405. Offenses and penalties; defense of Wyoming citizens

§ 6-8-406. Legislative findings and declaration of authority

§ 19-13-104. Powers of governor generally; director, office of homeland security

§ 19-13-102. Definitions

§ 19-13-104. Powers of governor generally; director, office of homeland security

§ 21-3-132. Possession of firearms on school property