Our Role

Wyoming Gun Law is a firm dedicated to the interests, education and protection of the Wyoming firearms industry and the broader gun community. We pursue this objective on two fronts: The first is providing gun manufactures, dealers and individuals with unique and comprehensive legal resources to manage issues and risks specifically associated with the manufacture, purchase, ownership, use, transfer, transport and sale of regulated and unregulated firearms. Second, Wyoming Gun Law serves as a daily voice of news and commentary on the current political, social and legal issues defining the debate on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal services directly, but comprehensive legal services tailored to the gun community and the firearms industry are available through our affiliate law firm, Capital Law & Advisory Partners, LLC.

Our Philosophy

Wyoming Gun Law and its mission are driven by the understanding that the unalienable rights and individual freedoms on which our nation was founded are of paramount importance to the welfare of each person, not just politically but socially, economically and spiritually. The Bill of Rights was expressly created to safeguard that freedom against government usurpation, and the Second Amendment is the lynchpin which ensures the continued vitality of all other rights set forth therein. As government encroaches farther and farther into the life-spaces once clearly reserved for the individual, and as political winds blow more frivolously and capriciously against personal liberty, the rights granted under the Second Amendment become simultaneously more threatened and more vital to our Republic.

With that truth in mind, Wyoming Gun law is committed to exposing threats to the individual right to keep and bear arms and its associated freedoms and to equipping law-abiding citizens and businesses with the legal tools to navigate the mercurial rubric of restrictions imposed by state and federal gun laws. In so doing, we hope to help those who support the Second Amendment and our other civil rights stand firm against the gusting winds of political expediency.

“The Bill of Rights was not intended to make it easy to do the things we want to do, but rather to make it difficult to do the things we ought not to do.” – Glenn Harland Reynolds

We do not represent – legally or philosophically – those who use our gun freedoms irresponsibly. The power and legitimacy of the Second Amendment rest upon the right of each individual to live out his or her ideal of personal liberty. Those who exploit the Second Amendment for less noble ends diminish the Second Amendment and the interests of the broader gun community.

Our Founder

Wyoming Gun Law was founded by Wade Beavers, a Dubois, Wyoming attorney, hunter and gun collector with a passion for individual liberty, the Second Amendment and the ongoing political and cultural discourse regarding those issues.

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Latest From the Blog

February 8, 2019

Good for them.  SHERIFFS IN NEW MEXICO STAND AGAINST PROPOSED GUN LAW.   And they acknowledge that they'd be violating their oath to defend the Constitution by enforcing them.  "Safe storage" laws are the simplest example of gun laws that will alter the conduct of only the law-abiding.

February 7, 2019


Take a look at this SIMPLE  BUT POWERFUL VIDEO, explaining the fundamental reasons people choose - and should have the right to choose - to carry guns for protection.  It's worth the time.......

February 1, 2019

SOUTH DAKOTA GOVERNOR SIGNS LAW TO ALLOW CONCEALED HANDGUNS WITHOUT A PERMIT.   The issue of concealed carry gets a lot more attention than it deserves, but good for South Dakota.  Better late than never.