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February 8, 2019

Good for them.  SHERIFFS IN NEW MEXICO STAND AGAINST PROPOSED GUN LAW.   And they acknowledge that they'd be violating their oath to defend the Constitution by enforcing them.  "Safe storage" laws are the simplest example of gun laws that will alter the conduct of only the law-abiding.

February 7, 2019


Take a look at this SIMPLE  BUT POWERFUL VIDEO, explaining the fundamental reasons people choose - and should have the right to choose - to carry guns for protection.  It's worth the time.......

February 1, 2019

SOUTH DAKOTA GOVERNOR SIGNS LAW TO ALLOW CONCEALED HANDGUNS WITHOUT A PERMIT.   The issue of concealed carry gets a lot more attention than it deserves, but good for South Dakota.  Better late than never.    

February 1, 2019


OTHER WEAPONS USED IN CRIME MORE THAN GUNS.  Of all the false, deceptive and intentionally-confusing phrases and concepts proffered by the Dems to distort the truth and hijack political conversation, none is more disingenuous - or effective - than the oft-deployed tribe of "gun violence."  That phrase, along with its rhetorical sibling  "common sense gun control", is used not to inform or guide any honest policy debate, but rather, to distort and obfuscate what is a simple and uncomplicated issue.  Guns - like cars, hammers, ladders, alcohol, fighter jets and nuclear power plants - are inanimate objects.  They have no moral bearing and no inherent capacity for good or evil, construction or destruction, violence or peace.  They are objects, tools, that can be used for the the good - and the bad - of society, depending entirely upon the user.  The term "gun violence", however, is used to craftily personify guns and thus gives them agency.  And, as agents of violence, they warrant judgment, restraint and punishment.  The overwhelming majority of gun owners are good, decent people, however, and that decency presents a real problem for the Left.  That is, how do you justify broad, categorical restrictions on people when only a minute fraction of them are bad actors?   You don't.  Instead of implicating the people, or more accurately the actions of those people, you simply blame their tools, as if the tools were autonomous.  In that way, the Dems create a scapegoat, a non-human proxy on which to cast political blame without restraint.

Not surprisingly, that  tortured, scapegoat logic is not applied to objects other than guns.  Consider other common objects in our society that are used by people to perpetrate violence on a scale similar to or exceeding that of guns.  Cars and alcohol are the easy examples.  Using round figures, approximately 35,000 people are killed and 2.5 million people are injured each year in the United States as a result of vehicles crashes.  Alcohol is a cause in 60% of the 400,000+ instances of domestic violence each year (guns, by contrast, were used in only 2% of such cases).  Alcohol is also a contributing factor in a significant percentage of robberies, assaults, murders and rapes.  Cars and alcohol are exponentially more likely than guns to cause violence.  If stemming violence was truly the goal of the Left, the voices condemning  "vehicle violence" and "alcohol violence" would be deafening.  Yet, when violence is related to anything other than guns, the narratives are invariably focused on the perpetrators: the wife-beaters, the drunk drivers, etc.  If you think back to the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia where a white supremacist rammed his car into a group of liberal protesters and killed one person, the subsequent adjudication from the talking heads on the Left (and the Right) focused exclusively on the perpetrator, not the vehicle.  Blaming the driver was entirely appropriate.  And the response from the government - criminal charges against the individual - was similarly appropriate.  To no one's surprise, the incident spurred no political outcry to impose "common sense vehicle control"  (maybe crowd-triggered shutoff switches, or a ban on vehicles without padded bumpers?).   That such restrictions should strike us as ludicrous is informative.  Why would a rational society force an entire nation, an entire industry, and an entire category of products to be restricted simply to account for the statistically-aberrant behavior of the irresponsible few?  The answer is that a rational society wouldn't.       

The Left recognizes that, while all of these other objects that occasionally are used for violence, they have countervailing benefits and that any misuse resulting in violence against others is a function of the individual using them, not the innate nature or characteristics of the item.  Guns are no different.  They offer "good" to society through hunting, self-defense, defense of others, fighting wars, policing, etc.  They also  serve society by acting as a civilian counterweight to the threat of unconstitutional and tyrannical actions by the government.  It is that last attribute that is hated by the Left and is the genesis of their unscrupulous arguments against guns, including their insistence on the term "gun violence".  Individual liberty - which is the greatest threat to an all-powerful government (which, by the way, is a tyrannical government) - is inextricably intertwined with the right to defend oneself against the usurpation of that liberty.  So, rather than attack liberty or the people who support it (which is bad political strategy), the Dems vilify the tool of that liberty, guns, and thus seek to contaminate morally those who would choose to use them.  

Unfortunately, most political debates these days seem to be won or lost not on the merits of the arguments, but rather on the acceptance or rejection of  the false premises which frame the issue.  If society accepts "gun violence" as a meaningful and valid description of the problem, the argument has already been lost as to the range of acceptable solutions.  Words matter.

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